Getting your On-Site Sewage Facility Installed

Many times when you purchase property outside of a city limits, there is no public water supply or sewer system available.  As the property owner, you must have a water well dug and have an On-Site Sewage Facility installed.  An On-Site Sewage Facility is commonly referred to as a septic system or by the letters OSSF.  The installation and operation of an On-Site Sewage Facility are governed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Services office of the County the system is located in.  If your property is located near one of the Highland Lakes you will need to obtain your OSSF permit from the LCRA and the LCRA will also be involved in the installation and operation of your OSSF.

The first step in developing your property is to obtain your 911 address and your Building or Development Permit from the County Environmental Services office.  These offices are usually located in the County Courthouse or their Annexes.  The Burnet County Environmental office is located in the Courthouse Annex at 133 E Jackson St, Room 107, Burnet, Texas.

Once you are ready to install an On-Site Sewage Facility on your property, contact an OSSF Installer who is licensed by the State of Texas through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  

The Installer will first dig what is known as "test holes" or "profile holes" on your property.   The goal is to dig 5 feet deep to determine what kind of soil is on your property  - true soil "dirt" , clay or rock.  Burnet County is one of the most geologically diverse counties in the State.  We have every type of soil and rock imaginable in this County.  

Once the test holes are dug, a Site Evaluator, who is also licensed by the TCEQ, will look at the type of ground you have and determine what type of system will be required by State law.  The Site Evaluator's report will then be filed with the Environmental Services office and you can obtain your Septic Permit.  Once you have obtained the septic permit, work on your system can begin.

In some situations, depending on the Site Evaluator's findings based on the test holes on your property, a conventional system cannot be installed.  In this case, a Registered Sanitarian or a professional engineer must be hired to design a system for your property.   

We work with a Registered Sanitarian and can provide any services that may be needed to install the proper  On-Site Sewage Facility on your property.  

As your installer and Site Evaluator, Kenneth Chism will be with you every step of the way!

As always, please feel free to call us any time.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.